Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

1000 (include GST)

Register a Trademark for Exclusive protection of your unique identity of your Trademark ( logo or slogan or word or symbol ).“Nsight” a leading eminent service provider for Online TM registration anywhere in India in one Call / Mail / Message.

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Register your Trademarks under Trade Marks Act, 1999

The Registration of your Trade Marks will give you Exclusive protection for periods of 10 years. Registration of Trademark will give the proprietary right for your goods or services. Trademark (word or logo or symbol) is the mark which is to prevent injury to the goodwill and the reputation owned by the company. Marks helps the customer/ buyers to prevent from confusions and helps to identify their product, service or their sources.

Trademark Registration

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Advantages of Trade Marks Registration

Exclusive Right

Registration of Trademarks will give you an exclusive right holder (proprietor) for your Mark.

Avoid confusion

Registration of your Trademark helps to avoid commercial exploitation by others and it will avoid confusions among customers to identify the exact product /Services.

Goodwill Protection

The Registered owner has the right to protect and safeguard the goodwill of their product or service. If any person misuses the Registered Trademark, the owner can sue the infringer, claiming for the damages in means of both monetary and non monetary.

Global Expansion

For International expansion of your trademark you need to register in your domestic country only after that you can expand your mark globally.

Documents required for Trademarks Registration

  • Proof of Applicant

    Name and address proof of the applicant is the basic requirement for the registration, it is mainly for the clarification of your exact name and address proof of the applicant.

  • Proof of the Business

    The Address proof of the place of business and Documents related to the nature of business in relation to the good or service.

  • GST/ MSME Certificate

    If the Trademark is made in relation to a company or partnership firm , the applicant should submit the agreement related to the formation of the firm, MSME certificate and GST certificate.

  • Brand Name or Logo

    The Logo or word or Symbol of your Trademark must be enclosed. The size of the mark is not to exceed 8 cm x 8 cm.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it mandatory to register Trademarks ?

    No, it is not mandatory but registration will give you many exclusive rights.

  • What is the use of Registration of Trademarks when it is not mandatory ?

    You can claim the exclusive ownership right also no person can enjoy the Goodwill of your company. Helps your customers to identify your goods or services.

  • I’m using my Trademarks for more than 1 years am I eligible to register now ?

    Yes , of course you can register your Trademarks at any time if you are the real founder of your Trademarks.

  • My Trademarks were already registered by another person but I’m the real owner is there any possibility to register now ?

    Yes, you can even register now if you are the real owner.For further queries contact Nsight.

  • I didn’t register my Trademarks but it was Infringed by the unregistered person , whether I can claim for damages ?

    Yes, with the supporting evidence we can claim for damages.For further queries contact Nsight.

  • Whether Trademark can be renewed after the expiry of 10 years ?

    Yes , it can be renewed even after the expiry of time period. For further queries contact our Nsight.


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