Public Limited Company

Public Limited Company

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Public Limited Company to be Incorporated under Companies Act, 2013

A Public Limited Company can be incorporated under Company Act 2013 .It is a company that has limited liability and offers shares to the general public. The company is mainly suitable for the large scale of business where the capital will be high. Incorporation gives you a professional status and also Registering the Trademark of your company will help you to safeguard your identity and restrict others from using it.

  • Name: Every company incorporated should have the last word LIMITED in its name.
  • Members: Minimum 7 members, minors cannot become members of company
  • Directors: A public limited company should have at least 3 Directors it can exceed upto 15.
  • Share capital: Zero paid up capital.
  • Prospectus: As per the requirement of the Act, prospectus is mandatory for the public limited company.
Public Limited Company

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Advantages of Incorporation of Public Limited Company

Limited Liability

The liability of the company is limited.The personal assets of the shareholders will not be used for unpaid debts. If the company is facing a financial crisis, the assets of the company will be used to pay back the debts.

Separate Legal Entity

It will be considered as a separate legal entity where the assets & liabilities of the business and directors are not same. Company will be considered to be a legal person and also holds the Right to Sue a third party in case of any dispute or default arises.

Easy Capital

The capital for the company can be made with the help of issuing shares to the general public. It results in maximisation of capital in large scale.

No Minimum Capital

You can start up your Public Limited Company with zero paid up capital. Now capital can not stop you from starting your business.

Documents required for Incorporation of Public Limited Company

  • ID Proof

    Aadhar / Voter ID / Driving licence / Passport

  • Address Proof

    The Address proof of the members along with the Proof of the registered place of business (Ownership documents/ rent or lease agreement) or any bill in relation to electricity /landlord bill / bank statement.

  • Photos

    The photos of the respective Directors , shareholders and designated authorities should submit for the clarification and proof of the concerned person.

  • PAN

    The PAN card of the respective Directors, shareholders and designated authorities of the company.

  • DSC

    Digital signature is the electronic signature format of the Directors / signatory authority for the purpose of e-filing the Register of Companies.

  • NOC (Owner/Landlord)

    No objection certificate by the owner / landlord must be enclosed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whether there is any maximum limit for members in public limited company?

    No maximum limit for members and the minimum members required is 7 members.

  • What is the minimum capital for incorporation of a public limited company?

    No minimum capital required for incorporation of a public limited company.

  • Whether Foreign Nationals or NRIs can become Director of a Public Limited Company?

    Yes, any Non Resident Indian (NRI) or Foreign National can become Directors but there should be at least one Indian resident on the Board of directors.

  • Whether the personal assets of members are used to pay unpaid debts?

    No, the personal assets of the members will not be used even for unpaid debts; only the profit earned and shareholding will be used to pay back debts.

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